The Girl and the Banyan Tree

The sky was clear,

dark profound


it wore the sparkling stars around.

A tree beneath it stood so tall,

with the whispering leaves


its trunk, stout.

It was a Banyan

with its branches arising from the ground beneath,

giving the look of someone’s hanging mane.

The sky then heard a thundering shout,

which out aloud reached the tree


the sand decided to make a mud,

as the clouds cried a whispering spree.

It drizzled and drizzled till a girl was seen,

running towards the giant tree.

She wore a rotten face about


had no clothes of shame, any.

On reaching the tree she said-

‘would you help me please,would you help me!’

She wept in air, in utter despair,

of what those beasts had done to her,

she was bruised and hurt


broken, mentally.

Then she asked the tree to hide her,

for these beasts had still been following her .

They were no new,

but a human group

with all intentions inhumanly.

The tree it spread


the girl she hid,

about the mane so quietly.

Those beasts they rushed towards the tree,

to find if the girl be there,

But they searched and searched and never found


angrily they turned around.

The girl she felt safe and sound,

till a scorpion bit her bitterly.

And those the beasts, they came to know,

where the girl had been hiding.

The tree then did,

uplift its roots to smash the beasts away from her,

because the tree was no usual

but, at all a magic one.

The tree then threw them into far

 lands of no love and no trees.

The girl then allowed herself to fly


thanked the tree a sweet goodbye.

The sounds of cries had gone for now


the tree it hoped they forever be.

As the tree it grew both old and new.


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