Summer Blues and Winter Forest Fires

I dreamt i was the queen of crimson red and cold,

a throne with a lining of dust and gold.




I could be pure and bold.

Glistening in the sky,

away from this world.

So, let the colours out,

 burn in them and shout,


Loud, without making a sound.

Let, silence be your noise.


And watch them walls of the social bubble shudder.

Shudder and develop a crack.

Like a rack,

the one trembling during an earthquake.

Like how you are awake,

when someone pours water over your face.

Fast race.

Slow pace.

But, infect the society with your dreams

and desires.

And spread them like,

summer blues and winter forest fires.

And watch the shackles of society break

and fall jangling on the ground.


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